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Five Countries with Cool Animal Laws: Animal Laws Through an International Lens

  1. Austria


Did you know under Austria’s Animal Welfare Act (2004) animals are defined as “fellow creatures” deserving of equal protection to humans? 

  1. Switzerland


Did you know that Switzerland’s Animal Welfare Act (2005) and Animal Welfare Ordinance Act (2020) expect animal owners to protect the “dignity” of animals?

  1. Kenya


Did you know that recreational hunting and trophy hunting are prohibited under Kenya’s Wildlife Conversation and Management Act (2015)? 

The Act also prohibits the use of ‘traps’ for hunting purposes to prevent suffering to animals. 

  1. India


Did you know that India’s government has banned various forms of animal entertainment and the use of wild animals in circuses since 2017?

Beyond the Act, India’s Constitutional principle of ahimsa mandates that all citizens must “have compassion for living creatures.” 

  1. Canada


Did you know that each Canadian province has their own laws relating to animal welfare? 

In Quebec, the Act to Improve the Legal Situations of Animals (2015) recognizes that domestic and captive wild animals have feelings. In British Columbia, courts may consider the well-being of animals in decision-making. 

This article provides only a small glimpse into the interesting animal laws that exist worldwide. To find out more, the Animal Protection Index by World Animal Protection is a great resource.

Authored by Alexandra Lapolla

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